Each programme has between 12 and 18 Polish participants and the same number of native speakers. Villango is the place where foreign language enthusiasts and native speakers of all ages meet to share their experiences and cultures and learn from each other.

Local Participants

In Villango’s program, local participants are often professionals working in companies or students. They probably use the foreign language on a daily basis in their work or that they are simply amateurs of the language. Some people need the foreign language to travel or to realize their passions. In the Villango programme, they are looking for opportunities to improve their language skills, so that they can understand and speak more easily.

Native speakers

Native speakers come from different countries where the language of the given language village is spoken to help our local participants improve their language skills through conversation. They are not necessarily language teachers because the objective of our language courses is to enable the use of the language in circumstances that are close to those of real life. We then create mixed groups, where different professions, experiences and accents meet.