Villango offers language holidays in Poland in language villages. We advocate the immersion learning method, creating a linguistic environment that promotes the learning of the given language through conversations and activities with native speakers. It is a unique formula, allowing a language and cultural exchange between local participants and French, German, Spanish and Italian native speakers. Our language villages are situated in beautiful localities, out of town and close to nature, where local participants improve their language skills through interaction with native speakers. The native speakers participating in the programme are volunteers from countries whose language is spoken in the language village.

Who are we? 

Villango is the result of collaboration between Marta Darska and Małgorzata Michalska who are friends for more than 20 years and passionate about foreign languages and cultures for at least as long. They have both lived abroad in different parts of the world (Poland, France, Belgium, Georgia, Belarus and Uzbekistan) and they have had the opportunity to practice different languages at work, during their leisure time and in everyday life. This experience explains their interest in language learning with the immersion method.

Marta Darska is graduated in political science, in cognitive development and in management of educational projects. She is passionate about languages and learning techniques. Marta is experienced in managing large NGOs, in diplomacy and in coordinating projects such as Erasmus+. For several years she has lived in an international environment where she has animated an expatriate association.

Małgorzata Michalska is a translator graduated in sociology and management. She lived in France for six years. She is experienced in project management due to her work in international companies and in the business community. Małgorzata coordinates the language villages and ensures the safety and well-being of the participants.

Our partners


Organization of stays in language villages:

Fundacja  promocji wielojęzyczności i wymiany międzynarodowej „SPOTKANIE”, ul. Okopowa 113/53, 91-849 Łódź, KRS 0000738733, NIP 7262673614, Regon 380634210