VILLANGO offers you the opportunity to have an absolutely unique and enjoyable experience. However, you must also keep in mind the responsibilities that are also linked to your stay in our language villages.

We recruit curious, sociable and friendly people who like to exchange ideas. Remember that each day, for most of the time, you will have to talk to people from different social backgrounds, who have different jobs as well as different preferences and opinions.

As far as native speakers are concerned, we do not aim for a particular profile. We are simply looking for people who love culture, learning and conversation in a broad sense. Your mission, if you accept it, will be to talk with the local participants who have different levels of knowledge of your mother tongue and expect to be corrected.

We are grateful for the commitment of our participants. If you decide to participate in the program, we will offer you the opportunity to get to know the real Poland through its cuisine and Polish participants. You will also have the chance to exchange with professionals from different fields, ready to share their knowledge. In addition, Villango is ready to provide you with a letter of reference or any other form of support that may be useful from a professional point of view.


The most important difference between Villango and a traditional language course is that we do not teach with books or theory. We will provide you with interesting materials and conversation topics to stimulate discussion. Villango is not a language course but rather a conversation program, so we do not require theoretical knowledge of grammar.